New Dynamic Series in English (New Enhanced Edition)


The New Dynamic Series in English has its primary goal-the integration of the reading and grammar skills in accordance with the objectives derived from the Enhanced K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum of the Department of Education. It has been designed to develop, enhance and enrich the five macro-skills such as Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Viewing; thus making the learners grow as better English communicators.

Grade 1 978-971-655-413-7
Grade 2 978-971-655-414-4
Grade 3 978-971-655-427-4
Grade 4 978-971-655-428-1

Product Information

Special Features

  • Provides a wide variety of language activities both in oral and written forms.

  • Enrich the child’s storehouse of ideas by sharing with him stories and other literary pieces that will lead to desirable development of attitudes towards himself/herself his/her home and his/her environment.

  • All lessons and activities are aimed at empowering the youth to learn, lead, and create with technology, preparing them with skills essential for their academic success.

  • Provides varied literary pieces such as stories, poems, songs, riddles, and the like.