Exploring the Realms of Science

Author: SUSAN STA. ANA, et al.

The Exploring the Realms of Science K to 12 Edition series includes the required topics of the Department of Education and additional topics are embodied for clarity and better understanding. Learning competencies are written based on the K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum and the chapters and lessons are outlined.

Grade 7 978-971-655-443-4
Grade 8 978-971-655-446-5

Product Information

 Special Features

  • Each quarter starts with a review of the lessons from the previous level followed by a pretest to assess the readiness of the students to the new topics.

  • Each chapter is introduced with an activity to motivate and focus attention of the students to the topic.

  • Exercises and experiments are also included to enhance understanding of the lesson.

  • Trivia are also incorporated whenever necessary and online resources are listed for references.