Honing your Skills through MAPEH

Author: LUCIA A. MOJICA, et al.

Music, Arts, Physical, and Health education are learning areas that provide the students with an avenue for self-expression. Students are encouraged to express their ideas, show their talents and skills freely and expressively, through the different activities given to them.

Honing Your Skills through MApeH series consists of K to 12 based books which aim to deepen one’s understanding about the different components of MAPEH. The different activities in every segment of each component help develop different lifeskills such as critical thinking, decision making, coping skills, interpersonal relationship, and others. These lifeskills are critical in facing life challenges in this very demanding environment and society.

Grade 7 978-971-655-453-3

Product Information

Special Features

  • Important concepts and principles are emphasized through meaningful activities and by connecting across learning areas.

  • Application of learning is also provided to be able to assess students’ knowledge, attitudes, and skills and to assess their progress and understanding of the concepts and principles.

  • In every lesson, activities are provided to help the teachers in assessing different aspects of learning and these can serve as formative tests for students.