Math Builders

Author: JISELA N. ULPINA, et al.

Math Builders series was written to provide the students with the foundation for basic computational skills needed in the different areas in mathematics and to develop their versatility; logical, analytical, and reasoning abilities; verbal and writing skills; and self-confidence. This is a student-friendly worktext that is keyed to the objectives of the K to 12 learning competencies, and the students will find mathematics more challenging and enjoyable to enable them to face the challenges in their daily endeavors.

Grade 7 978-971-655-429-8
Grade 8 978-971-655-430-4
Grade 9 978-971-655-434-2

Product Information

Special Features

  • Each concept was developed in logical sequence and presented with ample examples and illustrations for easier learning.

  • All topics discussed are geared towards a functional understanding of the concepts of all areas in mathematics and aimed at developing the students’ mathematical skills.

  • Topics and exercises are interdisciplinary where arts, science, history, and general information are integrated in the presentation of the lesson and in some of the exercises.

  • Exercises were designed according to the level of difficulty so that the slow and fast learners are both given the opportunity to solve and to think analytically.

  • Questions were provided to recall concepts, formulas, and procedures in solving problems.