Perspectives Series


This series comes in complete package that is sure to make learning both fun and functional. It covers all the major skills needed to develop maximum competence in the use of the English language-Listening, Speaking, Reading and Appreciating literature, Structure of the English language, Writing, and Study Skills.

Grade 7 978-971-655-419-9
Grade 8 978-971-655-420-5
Grade 9 978-971-655-457-1

Product Information

Special Features

  • All skills are comprehensively covered in all grade levels as the authors aspire for a gradual, spiral, cyclical development of lessons to ensure efficient learning on the part of the students.

  • Each level is divided into units that center on a theme that students could all relate to.

  • The literary selections are carefully chosen to represent each significant event in the period that they cover.

  • Each level in the series allots a section on the Study Skills that aims to help student cope with the demands of the new education the K to 12 program.