Skills for a Lifetime in TLE Series


Skills for a lifetime series aimed to equip the students with relevant competencies towards achieving national certificate for future career and entrepreneurial activities for their life’s sustainability. The author provided substantial information on the most useful and practical presentation of each topic, resources, and materials that are available in the local markets thus, applying theories into real life situations and applications.

Grade 7 978-971-655-444-1
Grade 8 978-971-655-445-8

Product Information

 Special Features

  • The topics in each lesson are sequentially arranged in such a way that the students will grasp the knowledge and skills necessary as they study the subject.

  • Each lesson contains relevant discussion in materials, tools, mensuration and calculation, technical drawings and plans, and occupational safety and health practices.

  • Equipped with illustrated examples and activities so that students can relate and apply the lessons in their daily lives.

  • Each topic presented commences with content standard to give the learner the initial idea on what the discussion is all about.