Exploring Science


Exploring Science is a preschool worktext series that aims to develop the children’s scientific literacy to enable them to apply scientific knowledge in everyday human activities. The series is aligned with the K to 12 Philippine Basic Education Education Curriculum Framework. The science content and science processes are intertwined in the curriculum. Exploring Science follows this strategy by teaching the content and the processes of observing, comparing, classifying, identifying and simple experimenting hand-in-hand because it is more effective if it is done that way.

Nursery 978-971-655-421-2
Kindergarten 978-971-655-422-9
Preparatory 978-971-655-423-6

Product Information

Special Features

  • Each lesson in the series engages the children in exploring activities which not only arouse the children’s curiousity but also lead them to discover and learn the science concepts.

  • Colorful illustrations make the lessons more interesting and easy to understand.

  • There is an evaluative test after each chapter to assess how well the children learned the concepts and the skills taught.

  • The worktext has corresponding Learning Guide.

  • There is parents’ participation in the exploration process making the activity more safe and the learning more meaningful.