Moving On in English


The book Moving On in English series is a set of basic teaching materials especially designed to develop proficiency of young learners in the use of the English language. The series not only uses the K to 12 competencies as a guiding principle but also considered the use of some of the most effective strategies that have been applied by actual classroom teachers.

Nursery 978-971-655-415-1
Kindergarten 978-971-655-417-5

Product Information

Special Features

  • Contains a wide variety of activities ranging from easy to more difficult exercises that challenge children beginning from readiness activities onto a more complex set of skills which includes learning and mastering of letters of the alphabet through phonemic awareness, digraphs, blends, clusters, silent letters, diphthongs, and so on.

  • Uses attractive pictures that stimulate the curiosity and imagination of young learners to arouse the children’s interest and to consolidate their language ability.

  • Helps the learners to demonstrate a sense of fun and wonder about the world and a desire to learn to help them develop their full potential.