Reading for Kids -K to 12 Edition (N,K,P)

The Reading for kids Series aims to develop the child’s pre-reading and writing skills such as phonemic awareness, decoding words, demonstrating book knowledge and print awareness, comprehending simple tests, writing using the correct mechanics and narrative and informational text. The approach used is child-centered, interactive, collaborative and age appropriate. The lessons and activities in the series are aligned with the K to 12 Philippine Basic Education Curriculum Framework. It is hoped that by the end of the Preschool years, we shall have holistically developed children who are functionally literate and are well prepared for lifelong learning.


Exploring Science (Based on K-12 Curriculum) Nursery ISBN: 978-971-655-406-9

Exploring Science (Based on K-12 Curriculum) Kinder ISBN: 978-971-655-407-6

Exploring Science (Based on K-12 Curriculum) Prep ISBN: 978-971-655-408-3

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