Understanding Science K1, K2

     Understanding Science preschool series is aimed at developing among the young learners their ability to understand and apply scientific  skill and demonstrate scientific inquiry, attitudes, and values in their everyday lives. The series follows the K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum prescribed by the Department of Education.

     The lessons and activities are developmentally appropriate and consist of concepts pertaining to living and nonliving things, including weather which the learners are expected to use in categorizing things in their environment. Ample opportunities are given to enable them to acquire the essential skills and sustain their natural curiosity in their immediate surroundings through exploration, discovery, and observation and relate their everyday experience using their senses.

          The series makes understanding science easier and more fun.


Understanding Science K1 ISBN: 978-971-655-555-4

Understanding Science K2 ISBN: 978-971-651-556-1

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