Adventures in Integrated Science Gr. 7-10 WTX

  Adventures in Integrated Science Series is a revised version of Exploring the Realms of Science . It adapted feature from the previous version that was deemed informative and helpful to the students’ learning. The series included more activities and more photos and illustrations for ease of understanding the lesson. Since the curriculum adapts a spiral progression, each quarter  starts with a review of the previous lessons and a pretest to assess the students’ preparedness with the new lesson. The Chapters have Time to Start which serves as a springboard for the students to focus their minds with the lesson at hand.

 The activities vary in terms of difficulty and deliverables to accommodate the different types of learning strategies. Mental activities such as problem solving, experiments, research presentations, and do-it-yourself projects were also included whenever applicable. To make the topics lighter, poems and storytelling were used to introduce and/or conclude chapter. Students reading the new series will find themselves conversing with these books because of the style of writing used. Moreover, they can also assess their learning because each chapter ends with a Chapter Challenge.

  Most importantly, this series is based on the Curriculum Guide provided by the Department of Education. Competencies that are required for each topic are all included in the activities and lessons presented. This series also provides a Learning Guides that will help the teachers handling the subject in the delivery of the lesson as well as the answer keys for all the assessments and activities provided.


Adventures in Integrated Science Gr. 7 WTX –  ISBN: 978-971-655-671-1

Adventures in Integrated Science Gr. 8 WTX –  ISBN: 978-971-655-672-8

Adventures in Integrated Science Gr. 9 WTX –

Adventures in Integrated Science Gr. 10 WTX –  ISBN: 978-971-655-674-2

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