Seed of Faith Gr. 7-10

The “seed of faith” which was planted in the Philippines soil reached its fruition as we celebrate the 500 years of Christianity in our country.

God choose the Filipino people as the first in Asia to receive the Gospel. Now, we have the mission to spread the Gospel and become more authentic witnesses to our faith.

The new JO-ES Seed of Faith: Christian life and Godly Values Series comes as a humble “gift” to answer the call to increase the number of young evangelizers with renewed commitment and enthusiasm in living out the Gospel.


Young Filipino learners, you are “gifted to give!”

“Walang napakayaman na hindi mangangailangan,

Walang napakahirap na walang maibibigay.”


Seed of Faith  (God’s Gift of Salvation) Gr. 7 ISBN: 978-971-655-642-1

Seed of Faith (God’s Gift of Fulfillment) Gr. 8 ISBN: 978-971-655-643-8

Seed of Faith (God’s Gift of Joy in Community) Gr. 9 ISBN: 978-971-655-644-5

Seed of Faith (God’s Gift of Moral Ascendancy) Gr. 10 ISBN: 978-971-655-645-2



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