Math Beyond Time Series Gr. 1-6

Math Beyond Time Series (Grade 1-6) is the answer to the call of the time which is going beyond what is required by the Department of Education`s Enhanced K to 12 curriculum. It is especially prepared and designed for the 21st century learners to equip them with numeracy skills that are necessary for a practical and meaningful application of the concepts and competencies through the strategies used in each lesson`s development and processing.


Further, the springboard in each lesson showcases the Filipino culture and the beauty of the Philippines as well as values that are embedded in the stories. Lastly, the activities and discussions challenge the learners to a higher level and order of thinking.


Math Beyond Time Series  Gr. 1 ISBN: 978-971-655-607-0

Math Beyond Time Series  Gr. 2 ISBN: 978-971-655-608-7

Math Beyond Time Series  Gr. 3 ISBN: 978-971-655-609-4

Math Beyond Time Series  Gr. 4 ISBN: 978-971-655-610-0

Math Beyond Time Series  Gr. 5 ISBN: 978-971-655-611-7

Math Beyond Time Series  Gr. 6 ISBN: 978-971-655-612-4

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