Science and the New World Gr. 1-6

The occurrence of inevitable natural distress instantly affects different areas of people’s lives, learning included. It can disarrange education systems all over the world in unprecedented ways. There was a rush to develop learning modules to facilitate the immediate demand for a quick shift from traditional face-to-face learning experience to remote or digital learning mode. Looking at the scenario at a bigger picture, there is a call not simply to move forward, but to brave each day with resilience and optimism. An interim distance learning program was eventually put in place, but the marginalized learners were put at a disadvantage.

The books in Science and the New World Series are developed on that premise. The mode of instruction, though designed for classroom-oriented learning, is readily adaptable for remote learning; the development of skills, presented with increasing levels of complexity from one grade level to another, is simplified to allow students to do more and create more; and the assessment tools are relatable and relevant, promoting meaningful understanding and application of concepts.

Science and the New World is not just a worktext series for the Science subject. It is a toolkit that molds active learners into community leaders who look at the world with enthusiasm, optimism, and responsibility.


SCIENCE Gr.1 ISBN: 978-971-655-665-0
SCIENCE Gr.2 ISBN: 978-971-655-666-7
SCIENCE Gr.3 ISBN: 978-971-655-667-4
SCIENCE Gr.4 ISBN: 978-971-655-668-1
SCIENCE Gr.5 ISBN: 978-971-655-669-8
SCIENCE Gr.6 ISBN: 978-971-655-670-4

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