Treehouse (Science) N, K1, K2

The Treehouse Preschool Learning Kit: Science Series is an educational package developed to prepare young learners for 21st century skills and competencies following the K to 12 Kindergarten Curriculum Guide of the Department of Education (DepEd).

Each book in the series is designed and created to provide preschoolers the basic l knowledge about the fundamental concepts in studying the Science subject and to help them apply aid cone pts in facing real-life challenges. The topics and their corresponding activities-organized from simple to complex are easy-to-understand, meaningful, and fun!

The books in Treehouse Preschool Learning Kit . Science Series are keys that would unlock each preschooler’s full potential and unique strengths.


Treehouse (Science) N Gr. 7 ISBN: 978-971-655-630-8

Treehouse (Science) K1 Gr. 8 ISBN: 978-971-655-646-9

Treehouse (Science) K2 Gr. 9 ISBN: 978-971-655-635-3


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